The world of modern courtesans

Lorelei Nixie says that women are the most valuable and important resource for society today. This spectacular escort proclaims herself as a modern courtesan, not only because she knows how to please men, but because she lives her life without having to answer to anyone. She feels very proud of her feminine power and her sensuality which is clearly perceived in her fascinating personality.

A delightful woman who radiates a magnetic sensuality

Being a courtesan is a real art. It requires much more than beauty and physical perfection. As your magnificent escorts found onĀ https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-san-francisco-ca-318/ will explain you, a real lady has to be refined, educated and elegant. Such features allow them to enjoy freedom and self-sufficiency while they also provide them access to the most sophisticated social circles.

Each influential man who turns to them for camaraderie knows that, in addition to the satisfaction of his intimate needs, he will find someone friendly to share quality time with.

You realize that these dazzling escorts are always willing to talk with you about several subjects like art, poetry or philosophy. Their cultural level allows them to have the most attention-grabbing conversations with you from which you can learn a lot. You can also resort to them for useful advises in any circumstance.

These exuberant ladies of twenty-something are also the ideal companions for you on any refreshing adventure. They will be delighted to take you to discover new places in a way that you cannot even imagine.

Only a modern courtesan like a luxury escort can transport you to a world full of pleasure and eroticism bringing to reality your most exotic fantasies. She can provide you unforgettable nights of intense sensations and unbridled enjoyment. This fabulous lady knows practices that will leave you speechless. For instance, she will show you a technique known as Balancing Tibetan which unleashes sensuality through specific body movements.

Another spectacular technique she can show you is known as Tantric Kiss which prepares you for endless instants of intense pleasure stimulating all your senses.

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Discrete ladies who master the art of seduction

Modern courtesans like high standing escorts have mastered the art of discretion. They know how to go unnoticed when the circumstances call for it. These highly attractive ladies know how to behave at all times. For that reason they avoid an excessive familiarity with their clients in the presence of other people.

They know that discretion is fundamental in their relationship with their customers who jealously protect their private life.

Your fascinating escort has been able to show you how much she respects you and appreciates you. This gorgeous lady has become your most loyal confident and she keeps in the most intimate confidentiality everything you share with her. It is this kind of features that makes them stand out among other types of companions.